Jurgen Koens

About Jurgen Koens

Patissier, fooddesigner, productdeveloper, procestechnologist and cook

Before I am going to tell you what I, Jurgen Koens, can do for you, I would like to approach it from the other side: What is it that you want? I like to hear everyone's wishes and demands and convert these into concrete customized work. For you as a customer, this guarantees you receive an answer to your question which is tailored to you specifically. Together we will take a targeted approach to your needs. A willingness to listen combined with an inventory of your question therefore represent an important part of my approach. The goal of this approach is to involve you in the improvement process of your product, to realize a professional desire, or to answer a sub question. Development and innovation are at the heart of this process! My great love for the field, combined with my years of national and international experience, are the reasons I am willing and able to passionately share my knowledge. My substantial list of excellent work experiences, extensive education, and participation in several contests with the Dutch cooking team, are the reasons I can be used in every part of the pastry trade. Among other parts, my knowhow and creativity can be used in the areas: pastry, glacerie, making ice-cream, confiserie, and chocolaterie. This applies to both the hand-made and the industrial sectors! In addition I like to focus on the training of creativity; the basis for new creations and working with new techniques.

Together we can focus on the atmosphere & experience surrounding your product. Having people taste (new) products & creations, combined with a good story, is the way to introduce them to this. Let us write your story together.

By following this approach I can also offer direct support in the areas of; staff expertise, optimizing your offer, creating/starting and further developing fitting concepts, working on a representative look, developing new ideas, and optimizing the production process.